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  • Caveman Coffee Black Diamond Coffee
  • Caveman Coffee Black Diamond Coffee
We wilden een koffie maken die de stevige smaak heeft van donkere koffie, maar die toch wat smaakelementen van witte koffie behoudt. Het eindresultaat heet Black Diamond en heeft een opmerkelijke, nootachtige en houtige smaak.


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Marke: Caveman Coffee

Black Diamond Coffee

Blend of Single Origin Beans - Colombia

This dark roast is a signature blend of Single Origin beans. It's bold with a full body and low acidity.

We wanted to create a roast that has the notes of a traditional dark coffee but retains some of the unique flavor, found in the white. The result is Black Diamond. You can still pick up the nutty, woody flavors and is quite remarkable.

Suggested use: For the a bold Caveman Coffee Blend, use this roast. Add cacoa butter or your favorite spice to your lipid mix for a real paleo treat. (See our recipe page for specific Caveman ideas)

Note: Before your daily grind, be sure to shake your bag. The lighter beans are heavier and sink to the bottom.

"Once you go black, you never go back...well until I tried the White Gold but always remember variety is the spice of life." - Tait Fletcher

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