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  • Defense Soap Defense Seife
  • Defense Soap Defense Seife
  • Defense Soap Defense Seife
Play Hard, Keep it Clean. The ultimate in natural hygiene.


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The ultimate in natural hygiene... these soothing bars are packed full of 100% natural essential oils known to have antimicrobial properties. The unique blend of these essential oils have been shown to destroy harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses in a matter of minutes. In doing so, Defense Soap™ leaves behind enough healthy skin bacteria to allow the skin flora to re-colonize in a few hours.

Defense Soap for Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and MMA

One of the greatest risks to a combat sports athlete is a microbial skin infection. Countless fighters, jiu-jitsu athletes, wrestlers and casual enthusiasts have been sidelined by infections resulting from contact with mats, gear or other infected athletes. The problem with harsh antibacterial soaps that include triclosan, is they completely destroy the natural bacteria that lives on the skin, which is the body’s first line of defense against foreign invaders. Without any form of resistance, other bacteria or fungus will have an easier time colonizing and taking hold. At that point, they are much more difficult to control. With a rich lather of Defense Soap, the essential oils Tea Tree and Eucalyptus help penetrate into the skin and help disrupt the conditions necessary for survival of foreign entities. By not killing all the healthy flora, Defense Soap preserves the skin’s natural immunities as healthy bacteria can recolonize and help prevent recurrent outbreaks.

All of our soaps and bath products are manufactured with only the highest quality 100% natural Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oil. Defense Soap™ is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palmate Kemelate, Water, Melaleuca Alternifolia (TeaTree) Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus leal 011, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodlum Etidronate.


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