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  • Four Sigmatic XOCO Red
  • Four Sigmatic XOCO Red
  • Four Sigmatic XOCO Red
Energising Mushroom Hot Cacao with Cordyceps.


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Energising Mushroom Hot Cacao with Cordyceps.

Cordyceps mushroom plays the main role in this hot cocoa, and is a vital part of high and balanced all-day energy levels. Not only that, but it’s energy that doesn’t stress the adrenals. Next up is cacao, an effective mood enhancer, antioxidant source, and comfort food. The legendary Amazonian adaptogen, guarana, amplifies the effects of the other herbs included in this drink (each packet includes 20 mg of natural caffeine derived from guarana).


Each box has 10 beverage packets - 6 grams each, and each packet contains: 
- Cacao powder, 
- coconut palm sugar, 
- Cordyceps (Inonotus obliquus) dual extract (500 mg), 
- Eleuthero (500 mg), 
- Guarana, 
- Rose Hip, 
- Cayenne pepper, 
- Sea salt.

Our cacao, coconut palm sugar, mushrooms, herbs and spices obviously are of excellent quality and the result of intense sourcing and testing.
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