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  • NootroFit Grass-fed Whey Protein - 750 Gram
  • NootroFit Grass-fed Whey Protein - 750 Gram
  • NootroFit Grass-fed Whey Protein - 750 Gram


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Whey proteins are popular with athletes, coaches and people who live active and conscious life-style. These important nutrients play an valuable role in the recovery of the muscles or as an additionial supplement to the daily diet. Did you know that most of the whey proteins are produced from the waste of the production of cheese? In addition, these proteins are derived from cows living in the stable. We don't feel so comfortable with this and that is why we have started the development of a more natural, better and healthier whey product.

What makes Nootrofit Whey Different?

Our whey comes from raw milk from grass fed cows. This milk contains no antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs and heavy metals. Our cows graze year round on green pastures that are free of pesticides and chemicals. Compared to corn fed cattle they produce healthier milk with more essential minerals and amino acids. The cows get enough exercise because they can graze freely in a healthy environment, and therefore they produce healthy proteins that are packed with other nutrients. If you are happy, healthy and fit everything is better. We believe that the same goes for our cows.To make a delicious supplement we have added the following nutrients:

Natural whey-protein from grass-fed cows

  • The purest proteins from grass-fed cows
  • Does not contain antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs or other substances that do not belong in your body.
  • Our whey is produced under the lowest possible temperatures. Thus we prevent loss of essential minerals

Organic Cocoapowder

  • Contains amino acids that have a positive impact on your mood
  • Full of antioxidants. Contains more antioxidants than red wine
  • Contains magnesium, which plays a role in the maintenance of smooth muscles
  • Cocoa gives it a delicious flavor


  • Natural Sweetener derived from leaves
  • Enjoy the sweet flavor without the guilty feelings

Dried flesh of the coconut

  • Produces ketones, or fuel for your brain
  • Contains healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
  • Offers a tropical twist in your shake

Himalaya salt

  • Contains 84 powerful minerals
  • 100% natural and not chemically modified


Whey protein (organic, grass fed cows), organic cocoa powder, dehydrated flesh of coconuts, lecithin, Himalayan salt and stevia.

This product does not contain gluten, grains, fish, nuts, peanuts, GMOs, pesticides and hormones.

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5 Sterne basierend auf 3 Bewertungen
Annemieke Doorn 15-04-2016 14:20

Deze Whey gebruik ik na het sporten. Ik kies bewust voor deze ingrediënten en blijf weg van de andere rommel op internet.

Erica 08-04-2016 22:11

Zeer goed product! Het smaakt heel lekker is heerlijk in de yoghurt! Minder zoet dan bijv. de Hemp Force en qua prijs goed.

Kai 31-03-2016 10:18

Lekkere eiwitten. Niet te zoet en mengt makkelijk in Yoghurt, smoothies of water. Zou wel graag een vanille variant willen zien!