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  • Onnit Kettlebell Wristguards
  • Onnit Kettlebell Wristguards
Save your wrist and arms from broozes while doing some heavy kettlebell exercise with the Onnit Kettlebell Wristguards


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Kettlebell Wristguards

Kettlebell wristguards are extremely popular in the kettlebell sport community, as the high-rep, high weight nature of snatches, cleans, jerks can be uncomfortable on the lower arm. These wristguards are also highly recommended for beginners or intermediate practitioners who are perfecting their form. The wristguards also double as sweatbands, preventing sweat from dripping onto the hand and providing an absorbent surface for pesky beads of sweat on the forehead.

Constructed with the same material as a traditional double wide sweatband, but with durable plastic ‘armor’ inserts, these Onnit Fit kettlebell wristguards will help protect the arm and keep your hands sweat free during even the most grueling sets.

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