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  • Onnit Speed Ropes
The speed rope is designed for just that... Speed.


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Speed Rope

The speed rope is designed for just that... Speed. The handles are virtually weightless to help minimize work on the arms and forearms so you can focus solely on the jumping motion. The Onnit speed ropes have just the right amount of weight in the cord to help propel them for rapid repetitions, such as double jumps.

Benefits Jump Ropes

Criss Cross Makes You Double Jump (Advanced)

    • 10 Criss Cross Jumps
    • 10 Double Jumps
Repeat 5x for 1 Round. Do 3 rounds for regular training, 5 rounds for championship training.

Hop Scotch (Intermediate)

    • 30 Seconds Boxer Style Jumps (heel toe skips)
    • 30 Seconds Left Foot
    • 30 Seconds Right Foot
    • 30 Seconds High Knee Alternating Foot Jumps
Repeat for 5 Rounds


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