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Upgraded™ Aging Formula

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Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Aging Formula contains oxaloacetate. This supplement is essential for a bulletproof lifestyle. The oxaloacetate is very pure, comes from a natural source and is easily absorbed by the body.
Upgraded™ Aging Formula

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Aging Formula

Time for an upgrade

Are you working to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog? Do you want your thoughts to be smoother and more productive? Do you want to supercharge your brain for better learning and faster thinking without the side effects of stimulants?

Who doesn’t? That’s a big part of learning to be in the Bulletproof state of high performance. It’s something I strive for every day, always seeking new ways to be–and do–more.

Oxaloacetate is a formula every Bulletproof person should consider for quality of life. Here’s why:

  • It’s a nutritional supplement, not a drug. I’m not opposed to drugs when there is no natural replacement, but I’m comfortable using it because oxaloacetate is in many foods in small amounts. I take it and my family uses it.
  • Our oxaloacetate is from an extremely high quality source where impurities are ruthlessly flushed out and removed. You won’t get a ton of low quality fillers and stabilizers. And being thermally stabilized, you don’t have to store it at -40 degrees C.
  • Upgraded Aging Formula vegi-caps are 100% soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and contain no colorants, no flow agents, and no preservatives.
  • Our oxaloacetate is in a form that is easily assimilated by your body, so it actually does its job and doesn’t just give you expensive urine. It’s water soluble, and PKA studies show it in the bloodstream 30 minutes after ingestion.

There are 250mg of Upgraded Aging Formula in each capsule, and 30 capsules in 1 bottle. 100mg of each capsule is thermally stabilized oxaloacetate, and150mg is vitamin C.Vitamin C is not just a filler–it’s a key ingredient. Vitamin C acts as an electron acceptor, stabilizing the oxaloacetate and preventing it from turning into pyruvate.

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