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Chocolate Fuel Bars - Himalayan Sea Salt - 3 pack

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The Bulletproof Fuel Bars provide a lot of extra energy in the form of a delicious sugar-free bar.
Chocolate Fuel Bars - Himalayan Sea Salt - 3 pack

One pack of the Bulletproof Executive Chocolate Fuel Bars contains 3 fuel bars of all 56 grams each. Each bar is deliciously sprinkled with Himalayan Sea Salt for a perfect blend of sweet and salt to make the bar as delicious as it can be. The chocolate from the bars is made by supervised farmers for the very best quality and working conditions as you've come to expect from us. Completely innocent and sugar free, the bar is sweetened with non-GMO xylitol and enriched with Bulletproof XCT oil as a finishing touch.


The ingredients:

- Cocoa

- Himalayan Salt

- XCT oil


More information

- Eat a bar when you feel like you want to have some extra energy and notice immediately after eating the bar that you have a whole load of extra energy inside.

- This product comes from the United States of America.

- This product was developed by Bulletproof 360, Inc.

- The net quantity of this product is 200 grams.


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0 stars based on 0 reviews