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Energy/Focus Medium Roast Lungo - 10 caps

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Cupplement is the perfect coffee for you. The cups contain superfoods for energy and focus. The cups are completely biodegradable and therefore good for the environment.
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Energy/Focus Medium Roast Lungo - 10 caps

The basis of Cupplement is of course coffee. The coffee has been carefully selected and the right balance has been found between strength and taste. This has resulted in a light and somewhat fruity Lungo and a stronger, slightly bitter Espresso grind from 100% Arabica beans.

You might expect that the addition of ingredients will change the taste of the coffee. Fortunately, the taste changes minimally so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee to the maximum!

The coffee is BIO certified and comes in biodegradable capsules for your Nespresso machine.

You probably already knew that vitamins are important for optimal performance. Yet it is difficult to know which vitamins to take to get the most out of your day.

The added vitamins are of high quality. The dosages are based on the recommended daily allowance. In addition, extensive research has been done into the stability of vitamins in coffee and the dosages have been adjusted accordingly.

Superfoods have been chosen as an extra booster. This is because a lot of scientific research has been done into superfoods as an energy booster, so the best could be selected.

In addition to vitamins, the added superfoods contain important minerals and antioxidants that have health-promoting properties. These superfoods have been carefully selected for the optimal blend. The superfoods in the Energy / Focus blend are Guarana and MCT oil. These superfoods have a positive effect on your energy metabolism. MCT are the fastest absorbing fats so you will immediately notice the energy effect.

In addition to caffeine, Guarana also contains tannins. This ensures that the caffeine is absorbed more slowly and you do not have a short energy boost, but will notice the effect longer.

The capsules are made from sugars. Besides being good for the environment, it is also good for coffee!


The ingredients:

- Arabica beans

- Vitamin B1

- Vitamin B2

- Vitamin B12

- Guarana

- MCT oil


More information

- This product comes from the Netherlands.

- This product has been developed by Cupplement.

- Each pack contains 10 cups.

2 stars based on 1 reviews
Daniela Savin 22-06-2021

I have bought this product on blind, because is not possible to read on the other side of the package, what ingredients are added, besides coffee, MCT and guarana, which are great for health! But once i've got it, could see that among the good stuff, is one bad: maltodextrine! This is made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. Highly processed form of sugar! This mean at least 2 categories of people should avoid it: diabetics and those with celiac disease! Maltodextrin is high on the glycemic index (GI), meaning that it can cause a spike in your blood sugar. It’s safe to consume in very small amounts, but those with diabetes should be particularly careful. Maltodextrin’s GI is higher than table sugar, ranging from 106 to 136. This means that it can raise your blood sugar level very quickly.That's why i regret for buying something that i don't know! Every product like this should have photos form front and back of the package!

2 stars based on 1 reviews