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  • Onnit Onnit Heat Activated Mug
This mug shows the logo of your favourite brand, Onnit. The logo turns green when the cup is filled with a hot beverage. And green means: 'Go, be great!'


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Brand: Onnit

It holds liquids, like coffee or tea. It's built for that, having a stylish and simple handle that allows you to imbibe that which helps you start your morning, get that presentation ready, or just help you to get in the zone. And it does that in a functional way. There's a notch on the side that lets you rest your straw, spoon, or tea bag elegantly out of the way.

There's a logo on it, and not everyone knows what it means. But you do. You know that logo, because you're a member of the Onnit family. You know that logo. It's on your favorite supplements, your workout equipment, your clothing. You know that when you are around that logo, it's time to better yourself. It's time to spend an hour or more in the gym. It's time to turn your body into a machine capable of anything.

And people see you doing those things. They see your progress. They slowly start building the connection between your self improvement and that logo. They see you start your morning with that mug on your desk, the logo turning green from the fuel you use to get the edge. They may not know exactly what that logo is, but they know it means business. And you know with a full cup that green means "go." Go be great.

And as stylish as it is, as simple in its design, as nonchalant as it appears, it stands for who you have become. For who you want to become. It's just a mug — your mug.

* Due to the mug's magical heat-sensing abilities, it is not dishwasher safe. Please hand wash to preserve the awesomeness.

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