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  • Onnit Zen Spice Castile Body Wash


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Brand: Onnit

- Made using coconut oil
- More hydrating than normal soap
- No added chemical fragrances or colors - just essential oils
- Vegan - No animal testing
- Biodegradable soap - Safe for camping 

Scent – Zen Spice

Imagine a zen garden, peacefully nestled in the shade of a Eucalyptus tree. Wild thyme is flowering nearby and a platter of bergamot and red grapefruit is sliced in mouth-watering wedges. Fresh cinnamon bark burns slowly in a charcoal brazier. Then as you lay there in the nude, a gentle raincloud moves in, showering you with warm, soft rain. That’s pretty much what it’s like taking a shower with Zen Spice Castile Body Wash!



Onnit Zen Spice Castile Body Wash is made in a style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. The method is tried and true, but we believe our spin on the ancient version is an improvement.
Unlike the traditional Castile soap process which only uses olive oil, our process uses coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil to create a body wash that not only cleans your body, but also hydrates your skin better than normal soap.

Sodium Cocoate
Coconut oil provides the base of sodium cocoate. It helps remove dirt, oil, and grime. Sodium cocoate is also less irritating than other alkali salts (which is why your skin will feel softer than if you were using normal soap).

Potassium Olivate
In the traditional method of making castile soap, potassium olivate is the only ingredient. In Onnit Castile Body Wash, it takes a backseat to coconut oil, but it’s no less important. Potassium olivate is saponified olive oil that serves as an emulsifier and cleanses your skin.

Potassium Jojobate
Jojoba oil closely mimics the oil your skin naturally produces, so it can help hydrate your skin.

Essential Oils
Essential oils have been artfully combined to create a blend of essential oils that is gentle and not irritating.

Hand-Crafted and Biodegradable Liquid Castile Soap
Onnit Zen Spice Castile Body Wash is hand-made using only plant-based ingredients in Michigan.
Since our body wash is biodegradable, you can use it everywhere without harming plant or animal life. Use it to wash your clothes, your dog, or take it with you when you go camping.

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