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PaleoBars Coconut & Maca - 15 Pack

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Do you want healthy protein bars without artificial nutrients? Then the PaleoBars are the perfect choice for you!
PaleoBars Coconut & Maca - 15 Pack

These PaleoBars are made to give you extra energy, but not like you are used to. Because the PaleoBars do not contain artificial products but only "raw" products, this is ideal if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These bars contain pieces of pure coconut and Maca. Maca is a plant from Peru that is known for regulating and keeping the hormones healthy. This plant is also used to stimulate the libido and to stimulate extra. 


The ingredients

- Coconut

- Maca

- Proteins

- Almonds


More information

- Take one bar at a time.

- This product is from Austria, Vienna.

- This product is developed by GoPrimal.

- The quantity of this product is 15 bars.

- This product is completely sugar free and paleo. 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews