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Rocket C8 - 1000ml

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The Rocket C8 by Brain Effect is an MCT oil that strictly consists of 100% caprylic acid. Caprylic acid (C8) is the highest quality form of MCTs that you can possibly get.
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Rocket C8 - 1000ml

MCT oils are one of the fastest energy sources for the body. The characteristic medium-length chains of fatty acids contained in it are particularly easy for your body to process quickly. MCTs are converted to ketone bodies in the liver, which are often a better energy source than carbohydrates because they do not affect blood sugar levels.

ROCKET C8 MCT oil can provide your body and brain with energy quickly. It is processed in considerably fewer metabolic steps than carbohydrates, which is why every cell is quickly supplied with energy by ROCKET C8. As an alternative to glucose (sugar), ROCKET C8 can help you reach ambitious goals and meet challenges.

ROCKET C8 is the ideal energy supplier, especially for low carbohydrate diets or ketogenic foods. Longer active and thinking phases can be completed. The energy density is also higher and more of the energy currency ATP is converted into the cell power plants, the mitochondria. That's why you have to drink more C8!



The ingredients:

- 100% C8 fat from coconut oil



More information

- Use 1 to 2 tablespoons daily with C8 Brain Effect Rocket and take a maximum of 4 servings per day. You can mix it by adding it to your coffee, tea, shake, over your meal and many other options.

- This product is from Germany.

- This product has been developed by Brain Effect.

- The net amount of this product is 1000 milliliters.


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