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Vitamin C with Zinc

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Vitamin C and Zinc are potent antioxidants that can support many areas of health, including the immune system.
Vitamin C with Zinc

Vitamin C
Most Vitamin C supplements today are chemically synthesized and sourced from genetically modified corn, potentially hindering the benefits of this essential nutrient. Natural Stacks® Vitamin C with Zinc Glycinate features Quali-C® derived from non-GMO corn grown in the green hills of Scotland.

Zinc Glycinate
As many as 2 billion people worldwide are deficient in zinc, as there are only a few foods that are good sources of zinc (like oysters, salmon, cheese and certain nuts). It’s crucial for supporting your body’s immune system and neurological function. Zinc Glycinate is chelated to improve absorption and bioavailability.

How it works

Vitamin C is a highly effective nutrient that plays a critical role in a multitude of processes in the body. It’s an essential vitamin - unlike most mammals and other animals, humans do not have the ability to generate vitamin C on their own. It must be obtained from the diet, however it can be difficult to get enough vitamin C. Some fruits and vegetable are good sources of Vitamin C but farming, storage, and cooking methods can seriously deplete the Vitamin C content.

Amazing Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Not only is Vitamin C highly protective, but it enables your body to produce collagen. Collagen is essential for healthy joints, connective tissue and skin.

Vitamin C is critically involved in forming the proteins that your skin, connective tissue and blood vessels are made with, healing internal and external injuries, and developing scar tissue around a wounded area.  Additionally, Vitamin C helps maintain the health and function of your cartilage, bones and teeth and fortify your immune system, cellular protection, repair and regeneration.

Collagen production slows as we age, which contributes to wrinkled and slack skin, aching joints, slow recovery from exercise and injury, and reduced organ function. Studies have found that Vitamin C supplementation can override the natural reduction in collagen, keeping you feeling (and looking) younger and healthier for longer.

A Vitamin C deficiency will show up with symptoms that include fatigue, muscle weakness, and joint aches. It’s common for people to feel like they just can’t get out of bed, can’t exercise as hard as they should be able to, and to have intense aching and stiffness in their muscles and joints after exertion.

Optimal Immunity Support

Vitamin C is associated with increases in blood concentration of glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s major internally produced (endogenous) antioxidant and is critical for the regulation of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds in the blood stream.

It is also vital to proper metabolic function (including DNA and protein synthesis, amino acid transport, and correct enzyme expression). For this reason, the health of your glutathione system has direct implications for your immunity, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and lung health.

Zinc is another critical factor in maintaining a healthy immune system. It’s involved in cell division and replication, it speeds up injury repair, and ensures proper growth patterns and sensory development. Even mild levels of zinc deficiency can lead to reduced killer cell and macrophage activity, and is associated with increased levels of infections and disease.

Together these synergistic antioxidants provide your body with a high level of protection against the stresses of modern life. Feel your best, every day.

Ingredients & use 

Immunity Support

Suggested Use: Take a serving of 1-2 servings per day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Vitamin C can be taken anytime throughout the day however we suggest not taking it immediately after working out as antioxidants can nullify the insulin sensitivity gained after exercise.

U.S.A manufactured in a cGMP facility.  Natural Stacks proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients.

Vitamin C (Quali®-C ascorbic acid)

A familiar essential vitamin and antioxidant found in high amounts in fruits. Vitamin C supports numerous metabolic enzymes and is critical for cell protection.  Featuring non-GMO Vitamin C derived from corn grown in the green hills of Scotland.  

Zinc (zinc glycinate chelate)

Zinc is a mineral co-factor in more than 300 enzyme reactions related to protein and carbohydrate metabolism, DNA formation, and intercellular signaling. It’s crucial for supporting a healthy immune, skeletal, and neurological function.  Zinc Glycinate is chelated to improve absorption and bioavailability.

Quali®-C is a registered trademark of DSM.



When should I take Vitamin C with Zinc?
Most people prefer to take protective supplements like this in the morning. However, you can take it any time of day, though we recommend not taking it directly after a workout, as it can interfere with the exercise-induced insulin sensitivity.

How do I take it?
Take 2 capsules per day with water.

Should I take it every day?
Vitamin C with Zinc is best taken every day to keep your immunity and cellular function operating at the highest levels possible.

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