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NootroFit Affiliate Program



Join the Alliance!

The NootroFit Alliance Program is the next step in Affiliate marketing. We create a way to generate revenue from the traffic on your website. You help promote our brand, a company that only sells the highest quality brands, offers sustainable products and a wide range of Fitness & Health products.

Our motto is Leadership, Wisdom and Goodness. This is our highest ideology and we expect the same from our allies.

As a Brand Champion, we offer you the following:

Really Healthy Products
NootroFit only supplies top products that contribute to "real" health. Our products are organic in nature and are free of chemical additives.

On a Mission
We only work with people who can rally behind our motto. They understand that a balanced vital lifestyle with attention to balance, exercise and nutrition are the basis for a successful life. Supplements are not a panacea, but serve as a complement.  

Lifetime Partnership
The best "lifetime" commission program in the food & supplement industry. Forget about one-time commissions, when you send a customer to us, you get lifelong payment for everything they ever buy from us afterwards.

Full Money Back Guarantee
Keep customers satisfied with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. With an average score of 9.2 on our customer service, our customers consider us to be excellent. 

Real-time Reporting
NootroFit uses optimized sales processes with industry-leading conversions, average orders, lifelong value and commissions. Reports on your generated conversions are displayed 100% transparently and in real time on a clear online dashboard.





Commission & Payment


Current commission: 5%

  • The percentage will be recalculated every 6 months.
  •  The commission percentage is the same for all Brand Champions.
  • Commissions are paid monthly.
  • The commission percentage is determined on the basis of the margins and purchasing conditions applicable at that time.