Magnesium for DNA repair

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Magnesium for DNA repair

Magnesium helps rebuilding your DNA structure. Your body has a continuous process of rebuilding and repairing itself. This can only be done successfully if you get the right amount of nutrients and minerals.

DNA Repair proces

The following process describes aging in a nutshell. In everyday life, there are so-called oxygen radicals, these are produced by your digestive system and by mitochondrias (this is the energysource your cells). Eventually these oxygen radicals land on the DNA strings. This is where they start to damage the DNA String, but do not worry! This is a daily and normal process for the body.

The importance of Micronutrients

Your body needs micronutrients in order the make the enzymes that are responsible or the reconstruction of the DNA strings. Especially overweight people appear to suffer permanent damage in blood cells, but also appear to have less ability to recover compared to slim people. By taking poor nutrition daily, such as macronutrient-rich foods, like processed food and junk food. Micronutrients are, inter alia vitamins, zinc and magnesium. These support the production of more than 300 different enzymes for different processes in your body. DNA recovery is over there is only one of magnesium, and is a very important mineral in the process.

Are you getiing enough magnesium?

NootroFit offers a range of top notch magnesium supplements like Natural Stacks product Magtech and PurePharma called M3: Essential Minerals.


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