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C8 Brainfuel

Our C8 converts quickly and efficiently into brain-stimulating, fat-burning ketone energy. These ketones nourish your brain and are not stored as fat, unlike carbohydrates and sugar.
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C8 Brainfuel

The C8 Brainfeel consists of 100% pure C8 from the coconut. C8 stands for caprylic acid. The coconut has three chains of caprylic acid; the C8, C10 and C12. We use the C8 because it has the shortest molecular chain. Because the C8 has the short molecular chain, your body can absorb this chain faster and more efficiently, so that the effect of the Brainfuel comes into its own even better.

It is very difficult to obtain this C8 because only 6% of the acid in the coconut consists of C8. Our Brainfeel consists of 100% pure C8 and you will notice immediately after ingestion that it is of the very best quality. 

MCTs are a major source of direct and sustainable energy. MCTs from coconut oil and especially the C8 have shown that they can help support normal cardiovascular function, digestion, mental clarity and metabolic function when consumed regularly.


The Ingredient:

- C8 Oil


More information

- Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of C8 Brainfuel per day and take up to 4 napkin rings per day. You can mix it by adding it to your coffee, tea, shake, about your meal and many other possibilities.

- This product comes from the Netherlands.

- This product is engineered by Nootrofit.

- The net quantity of this product is 1000 Millilitres.

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