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Vitaminen A-D-K - the bulletproof executive (30 Caps)

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The Bulletproof Vitamins A-D-K softgels provide essential vitamins that can help support the heart, bones, immune system and much more.
Vitaminen A-D-K - the bulletproof executive (30 Caps)

Vitamin A is often mixed with beta-carotene (the most common substance in roots), but they are very different. Vitamins A-D-K uses a form of vitamin A called retinol (from retinyl palmitate), known as "active" vitamin A. You won't find this form in most complexes, but science has proven that this form is essential for supplementation, because beta-carotene absorption can be up to 9%, while retinol absorption can be as high as 90%.

In 1919, the reason for poor skin was discovered. In many cases, this was too much exposure to UV light. This led to less and less exposure to the light of the sun and so they already got vitamin D deficiency. That shortage has continued through the years and still have many people still daily suffer from this shortage because there is too much inside is seated in places such as the office or school. 

Vitamins A-D-K offers three forms of vitamin K that are used by the body in different ways, making a fast and sustainable availability possible. This is essential because vitamin K is needed to absorb calcium vitamin D from the bloodstream to the bone, which benefits bone density and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K1 supplementation is important because K1 is underabsorbed from food because it is bound to the fibres of chlorophyll.


The ingredients:

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin K


more information 

- Take 1 soft gel on a filled or unfilled stomach at any time of the day.

- This product comes from the United States of America.

- This product is developed by Bulletproof 360, Inc.

- The net quantity of this product is 50,000 milligrams.

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