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Dopamine Brain Food™ is designed to promote the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter essential to the central nervous system. Research suggests that the compounds in Dopamine Brain Food™ can improve attention and learning, as well as movement a...

The benefits include:

● Increased mental alertness
● Increased drive to accomplish tasks
● Support for athletic performance

This natural formula contains all the necessary precursors and cofactors for optimal dopamine metabolism.

What is “brain food”?

Neurochemistry, the chemical patterns and processes that cause your brain to function as it does, is highly complex. It varies significantly between individuals, and is heavily influenced by a large range of factors. Your diet, exercise habits, sun exposure, social group and genetics all have a role to play in your brain’s chemical behaviour.

Most of us do not get enough of everything we need every day to keep our brain function 100% optimized. That’s why supplementing with brain food can give you such an edge.

Brain food are natural nutrients that act as fuel for specific neurotransmitters in the brain. They can be taken daily to boost various states of optimal performance.

By addressing any deficiencies or imbalances in the delicate neurological system, you can increase your ability to concentrate, regulate your energy, and balance your mood.

The importance of Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with motivation, short­term memory, creativity and personality. It is metabolized into epinephrine and norepinephrine, which increase alertness and attention.

Abnormal dopamine levels can cause a wide range of diseases. Low levels are associated with Alzheimers, Parkinsons and depression.

Getting your dopamine levels balanced and in an optimal range can have a profound influence on your health and quality of life. When your dopamine is being produced at the optimal pace, you will feel alert and engaged. Your mood will be stable and well balanced. You’ll feel calm and steady, while being able to think creatively and with total clarity.

Complete Neurotransmitter Support

The best way to optimize dopamine levels is to ensure that the necessary precursors and cofactors are available. These precursors and cofactors pave the way for your brain to produce and then use dopamine at an optimal rate.

Dopamine Brain Food™ provides these essential compounds. It contains amino acid precursors (L-Phenylalanine & L-Tyrosine), dopamine metabolism cofactors and antioxidants (Vitamin B­6, Vitamin C, & Selenium), as well as specific nutrients to optimize the SAM cycle (Folate, Vitamin B­12, & Trimethylglycine).


L-Phenylalanine & L-Tyrosine
L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine are amino acid precursors to dopamine - both must be present in order for dopamine to be synthesised. L-Phenylalanine is present in many foods (such as meat and dairy), and is converted into L-Tyrosine in the body. In turn, L-Tyrosine is converted into L-Dopa, the direct precursor to dopamine.

Vitamin B­6, Vitamin C, & Selenium
Each of these essential vitamins play a key role in the optimal production of dopamine. Vitamin B6 helps convert L-Dopa into dopamine, Vitamin C helps convert dopamine into norepinephrine (increasing alertness and attention), and selenium protects brain cells while regulating the amount of dopamine-producing enzymes in the brain. Each of these also have important antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage during the production and metabolism of dopamine.

Folate, Vitamin B­12, & Trimethylglycine
The methylation cycle in the body is involved in virtually all cellular reactions, including the smooth operation of your neurotransmitters. SAM-E (S-adenosyl methionine) is a critical part of this process, ensuring that methylation is not disrupted by any chemical imbalances in the body. SAM-E also helps convert norepinephrine to epinephrine for use in attention­based activities. Folate, Vitamin B-12 and Trimethylglycine convert homocysteine into SAM­E, maintaining an optimal level of this crucial precursor.

Content: 60 vegetarian capsules
Special features: Free from dairy, Free of allergens, Free of gluten, Free of pesticides and herbicides, Free of Soy, GMO free, Suitable for Vegans, Suitable for Vegetarians
User Instructions: Take a serving of 2 or 3 capsules in the morning, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day..

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Johan 15-04-2016

Fijn product!

4 stars based on 1 reviews