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Plant Protein Booster

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Puori Plant Protein Booster is an organic, calcium-enriched vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and meals.
Plant Protein Booster

10g High quality organic plant protein.

Added calcium from natural seaweed.

High solubility and no aftertaste.


Puori Plant Protein Booster is an organic, calcium-enriched vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and meals. The product has been developed to make it easy for people on a predominantly plant-based diet to achieve the healthiest daily intake of protein and calcium.

Getting the right amount of essential amino acids can be challenging when eating a plant-based diet. PB provides organic, high-quality proteins with all essential amino acids in the perfect amounts. Additionally, calcium is a challenging mineral to get through a plant-based diet, as much of the calcium in the Western world comes from dairy products. PB is therefore enriched with calcium that comes naturally from algae.

Algal calcium is derived from fossil red algae and is naturally rich in calcium and trace elements, which are preserved through a cold process to retain all nutrients. The minerals are in organic form, which results in a higher absorption rate compared to other calcium substances such as calcium carbonate. Due to its fossil form, the calcium dissolves more quickly in the acidic environment of the stomach, which facilitates absorption and digestion. Algae calcium is natural and made from fossil plants and therefore suitable for vegan products. That is why this is the perfect ingredient for the Puori Plant Protein Booster.

Protein contains amino acids that are the building blocks our muscles need to maintain and build them. PB consists exclusively of pea protein, which contains many of the essential amino acids that we cannot form ourselves and that we must get through our diet. In addition, calcium is also important for the normal functioning of our muscles.

Our bones in the body are mainly composed of calcium, which is why calcium is of course important for normal bones. In addition, protein also helps to maintain and maintain normal bones. Many people benefit from a calcium supplement, especially those who eat mainly plant-based foods, as it is difficult to meet the daily calcium requirement without dairy

The gastrointestinal system and digestion are an important function in the body, as it ensures that we get nourishment into the body through the food we eat. A vital player in this function are digestive enzymes, which enable the body to absorb the nutrients contained in food. Calcium helps ensure that digestive enzymes function normally.


The ingredients:

- Pea protein

- Algae calcium


All Puori products, including Puoris PB, are consistently tested and certified by third parties for purity and quality. You can access the test results for your product by scanning the QR code on the label or by searching for the batch number on www.cleanlabelproject.org.


More information

- Take 1 scoop daily with breakfast or immediately after training.

- This product is from Denmark.

- This product was developed by Puori.

- The net quantity of this product is 317 grams.

- GMP, GMO free, Glutenvrij, Vrij van lactose, No artificial ingredients, No added sugar, No nuts, Certified vegan by The Vegan Society

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