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Instant Melatonin Spray - Mint

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Designed to help the body with shutting off the lights for restful sleep.
Instant Melatonin Spray - Mint


Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your internal clock. High relative levels of melatonin help signify that it is time for your body to sleep.



Let's face it; we humans rarely abide by the Earth's natural day/night sleep cycles. Electricity has created artificial light (not to mention television!) to allow all manners of work and play to exist deep into the dead of night, and most sleeping quarters provide blinds or curtains to block out the arousing rays of the morning sun. The result is that some of the mechanisms that have evolved inside us to assist with the sleep process have been thrown askew. One of these mechanisms involves the hormone melatonin. In a normal, pre-electricity scenario the pineal gland would release melatonin at the onset of darkness to help induce a desire to sleep. However, artificial light, especially high-frequency blue light from visual electronics has been known to shift the release of melatonin, which can perturb sleeping patterns.

Ingesting supplemental melatonin in our ‘ready to go’ spray can help the body signify to you when it is time for your body to sleep. In assisting the body's natural desire to rest, the melatonin can help the body to enjoy a more restful sleep experience. By placing the melatonin in a spray format, with two delicious breath-freshening flavors, you have a fast and simple delivery system for this vital sleep hormone.



  1. Limit blue light exposure during night time hours. Use blue light filters on your phone and laptop when available.
  2. Stay hydrated and mineralized. Onnit Key Minerals and himalayan salt are great to take before bed.
  3. Distance yourself from high output electrical devices.
  4. Block out windows and curtains, so that melatonin stays high until you are ready to wake up.
  5. Avoid high sugar foods before going to sleep, to maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels.



How Much Melatonin Should I Take?

While three milligrams (6 Sprays) is the recommended serving size, there is good research indicating that less than a milligram (1-2 sprays) is all you need to nudge your body toward sleepiness. We recommend experimenting to determine what the right amount of melatonin is for you.


Can I take melatonin long term?

Melatonin has been shown to be suitable for long term use in research lasting up to two years. This is good indication that long term use of melatonin is well tolerated by the body.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Rick Shaffer 18-08-2018

Affordable and effective. Be careful when choosing to use 6 sprays at one time. You might feel a little groggy the next day. 1-2 sprays are definitely noticeable and give you the real bang for you buck.

5 stars based on 1 reviews