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Total Mitochondria 30 Capsules

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A supplement designed to support mitochondrial health, maintain inflammatory responses and stimulate energy production in cells.
Total Mitochondria 30 Capsules

Mitochondria, popularly known as the powerhouses of the cells, are responsible for making ATP, which nourishes the rest of the body and ensures the best possible functioning of the body.

Mitochondria are one of the primary producers of the energy that every cell in our body needs to function and are therefore of vital importance for the brain, muscles and heart health. When our cells are healthy, the mitochondria in our cells function as well as possible.

Total Mitochondria works to help our aging body during periods of stress, providing cellular health, supporting the cardiovascular system and the reliability of the cells in order to promote optimal health.

The ingredients:

- Micro Active Reservatol 

- Micro Active CoQ10

- Micro PQQ


More information

- Take one capsule a day, preferably on a full stomach.

- This product comes from the United States of America.

- This product is developed by Onnit Laboratories.

- This product contains 30 capsules.


In this video Onnit shows what Mitochondria are and why they are so important.

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