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Supplements for Gamers

Boost Your APM! Supplements for Gamers

APM also Actions Per Minute is a measuring unit in which the actions per minute of a player are expressed. The best players are usually the players that are able to react the fastest, remember tactics and counters and are able to muster intense short burst of enormous concentration. A professional player can usually generate about 200 actions per minute on average. To compete in a modern day MMO, RTS or FPS at the highest level it's important to make sure your brain is performing optimally.


Alpha Brain for Gaming

Remember your gameplan, analyse your oponent, react and attack! Modern day gaming requires optimal and intense concentration and utilizes your mental speed. The neurotransmitter most used in mental speed and focus is Acetylcholine. Alpha BRAIN is designed to be an acetylcholine booster. With a combination of many other herbs Alpha Brain can give you the competitive edge you need in the virtual Arena. Alpha Brain helps you level your brain!

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New Mood for Gaming

Intensive gaming can tax the mind and body. As soon as fatigue strikes it becomes harder to stay sharp and focussed. This is the moment your mind can betray you! New MOOD supplies the body with L-tryptophan en 5-HTP in aid of production of the mood lifter serotonin to help you through these decisive moments. New Mood is an excellent Gamer Supplement to add to your inventory!

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Level Up Your Life

I can look back now and recognize it for all of its glorious absurdity. Long before there was World of Warcraft, there was a humble game called Wizardry. The dazzling 8-bit graphics included a homogenous POV journey in a walled maze and 40 pixel graphics of the monsters thrown at you through some random monster generating algorithm. Weapons, characters, and spells had text only. From the age of about 9-10 I played this game with a religious fervor, building my dwarves, humans and elves into the best Fighters, Mages, and Clerics they could become. I would push forward aimlessly, battling monsters with no real progression towards any goal other than to see my experience levels increase. With every point of intelligence, strength, or agility gained I would feel a rush of pride and accomplishment. Each weapon or item I acquired might as well have been a real treasure. The appeal was irresistible. I can only imagine how engrossed I would have become if there were games with the possibilities available now. It is no wonder that World of Warcraft has 11.5 million subscribers spending a staggering average of 22.7 hours a week gaming. I would have been one of them!


Gaming Theory

The appeal derives partly from the fact that these RPG (Role Playing Games) cut to the core of a basic human desire; To improve, and to conquer. But why is it so much more appealing to improve a virtual character, than to improve your real-life self? Countless teens and adults sit in their bedrooms or basements and work on their avatar so they can crush monsters and get new weapons. They could be hitting the gym so they could crush their rivals and get more dates! Somehow there is resistance in life that isn’t found in games. Besides just simply being entertaining and fun, here are a few reasons why games are more appealing:

1. Games have concrete goals and a measuring stick. I have always said that the genius of traditional martial arts is the belt system. You always know where you stand and what it will take to reach the next goal. And much like a video game, once you achieve a certain level, no one can take that from you. For a casual kickboxer or MMA enthusiast, unless you are actively sparring, you really have no idea where you are at, or what your next goal is. You just do it with the faith that you will be better than you were before you started.

2. There is no pain in gaming. It indulges our lazy side. All we really have to do is mildly engage the mind and the thumbs, and we let fantasy take its course. With all the sugar, caffeine and poor nutrition that is rampant, people are generally tired and lazy. It hurts less to get strong in a game than to start swinging around a bunch of kettlebells.

3. There is no losing ground. One of the most frustrating aspects of getting in great shape is that if you lay off for two weeks you are gonna feel like you are back at square one. With a game as soon as you turn it off, your character is frozen in time, at the peak of his progression. Wouldn’t that be nice if that was like life?!

Real Life Leveling

While all of the above may seem to be pretty appealing, there is one trump card that real life has… Its real life! The gains you make in the real world have lasting tangible benefits to your existence outside of the pixel world. With this said, here are some tips to level up your life just like a game.

A. Battle for your gold pieces and buy the items that will help you on your journey! In a game, money buys you the arms, armor, and items that make slaying the dragon possible. In every game I have been a part of there are separate and often tedious or silly quests designed to raise revenue. One can find those quests in real life as well. The other lesson to take regarding money, is to focus on buying things that are going to better equip you to achieve your goals in life. Ask yourself what personal stats your next purchase improves. Like Alpha BRAIN for +2 Smarts, and +3 Motivation!

B. Make sure you have full health when starting a quest. It is a pretty simple concept that a 7 year old masters while playing a game. But I know countless 27 year olds, who will limp into an important challenge in their career or a powerful travel adventure with poor health because they decided to party balls the week before. Figure out what your most important quests are, and make sure you go into them at full capacity.

C. Don’t be Leroy Jenkins! The infamous Leroy Jenkins accounted for the cyber-death of his entire party because he charged in without a plan. Whether it’s a fight or business venture, make sure you have a plan of action and your allies are on the same page.

D. Learn new trades, join new guilds. It becomes apparent early on that it would be advantageous if our level 50 warrior could cast healing spells on himself. So he learns the arts of the white wizard. We should be the same. If you are a writer, learn the basics of graphic design to help illustrate your writing. If you are an athlete, learn the skills of a trainer/nutritionist to help take care of yourself. Or learn something completely random, and I promise it will pay off! I remember the summer before I could drive a car I decided I was gonna learn juggling. I got good enough where i could put on a pretty good 2 minute show with a bunch of tricks. You would be surprised how often this simple skill has proved a useful tool for amusing myself and others.

E. Build up your stats. In a game there are rather simple character stats like Strength, Agility, Intelligence, etc. In life those same things apply, but with a whole host of others categories. Charm, Interestingness, Positivity… all of these stat categories can be improved. The book, The Game by Neil Strauss is a very good example of a man who went to great lengths to improve multiple aspects of himself for the single-minded goal of being more appealing to the opposite sex. Which if we are truly honest with ourselves, is the funnest game in the world.